Annual Program 2016

With great pleasure we would like to announce that Parichoy 25th Annual Program will be held on 21st May, 2016, Saturday at Dodd Middle School, 100 Park Pl, Cheshire, CT 06410 from 2 pm. This year Annual program we will witness variety of segments that will highly reflect the creativity of our passionate members. Here is a first look of our cultural show.

Prakritidhara: Embrace the five elements of nature at this year's annual program of Parichoy. Kids will be performing a dance drama recognizing the building blocks of our universe! Parichoy invites you all to this musical extravaganza directed by Madhurima Deroy!!

Surer Bhubane: Come join us and embrace the innocence of childhood in this musical journey, directed by Samita Basu and Pameli Basak and will be performed by the wonderful kids at the annual program of Parichoy.

Chandalika: Parichoy this year will present the story of Chandalika (Feminine of 'Untouchable' in Bengali)- a musical drama written by the Rabindranath Tagore and is an adaptation of a Nepalese Buddhist tale. Looking forward to see you all in this wonderful musical dance drama directed by Tania Chandra!!!

Maharaja Tomare Selam: He changed the definition of Indian film music and created his own genre. He introduced Indian Cinema to the world. He is the only ?Oscar winning filmmaker India has ever produced, Bharat Ratna Late Shri ?Satyajit Ray. Friends, this May, to celebrate his 95th Birthday, Parichoy CT will present a retrospective on the "?Music of Satyajit Ray". Please come and join a team of 12 musicians who will surely take you to "Hirak Rajar Deshe".

Dwando: Bengali play inspired from "Daybadhdha", a play by bengali theater group Sayak, directed by Kaushik Mitra and Subhashis ganguly.

Sur Doriya: On it's 25th Annual program, Parichoy welcomes you to the sights and sounds of Bengal. Let Kasturi SenBhunia and friends evoke the memories of lush green rice fields, the smell of fresh earth after the rains, and the quaint village roads leading to memories past.
Come join us, as we sway to the lilting tunes and rhythm of folk music.