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Hemanta Utsav 2021

Saturday Nov 20, 2021. Please save the date and block your calendar. Send your nominations for participation by September 30th.

Saturday Nov 20, 2021 [3PM – 6 PM]

With great pleasure, Parichoy announces Hemanta Utsav 2021 to be held at

Alexandria Room, 
Edmond Town Hall
45 Main Street, Newtown, CT.

Please save the date and block your calendar

We prefer to meet you all in-person following social distancing rules, however, as a proactive measure against the ever changing pandemic situation, we would like to have both in-person and online options open. Start preparing for any solo or group performance for Hemanta Utsav. In alignment with Parichoy’s objective, we would recommend the theme of the performances to be in bengali. 

Participation requests will be reviewed and accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Deadline for nomination is Sep 30th 2021,  please rush through your entries  to Slots will be provided till available.

Requesting all participants to be prepared for an online option and submit a video of your performance by 5th Nov 2021. (No matter if we are going in-person or online.) Video submission process will be shared well in advance.


  1. Multiple performances by the same person are not allowed – please restrict to the one which is your best.
  2. Individual performance requests will be accepted only from Parichoy members. 
  3. Please briefly mention the nature and duration of your segment [e.g. Song/Instrument/ Recital/Recitation/Dance (type) etc] and any specific sound requirement you may need for your program. Participants are required to bring their own instruments for the purpose.
  4. Non-members can participate in group performances, if performing with one or more Parichoy members. There is a registration fee of $5 per child (non-member)and $10 per adult (non-member).
  5. Following participation duration guidelines shall be followed
  1. Kid’s Solo – 3 minutes/child
  2. Adult’s Solo –  6 minutes/adult
  3. Group Performance (short) – ≤10 minutes. (min 3 Parichoy members or their children). 
  4. Group Performance (long) – 20-25 minutes. (min 5 Parichoy members or their children).

You can also submit your nomination via this form below:

Nomination Request Form: