Past Events

Annual Program 2021

13-June-2021 (Sunday)


Thank you for your participation in the premier of our Online Annual Program of 2021. We thank you for participation and support. We truly appreciate the feedback and comments that we have received.  We are encouraged by the positive feedback and will look for more.

Our gratitude towards all the participants and their families on this program for their tireless efforts,  dedication and flexibility on months long rehearsals and shootings to make this program happen.   

   Kudos to the coordinators

            Ankur Basu & Rituparna BasuDas – for working with the kids and bringing us the amazing tribute to Rabindranth Thakur, ‘Rabi Parichoy’. We have indeed seen a new perspective and seen his works through the eyes of our youngsters.

             Kasturi SenBhunia – for such a nostalgia with the Bangla Band, ‘Bangla Bander Itibrittyo’. This was a true refreshing program with different flavors.

            Tania Chandra – to bring us such a sweet concept ‘Mon Kharap er Janmodin’ and captivating execution of the same. It was mesmerizing to watch.

Thanks to all the post production teams to pull it all together and bring us a remarkable presentation

Special Thanks to our hosts of the program Susmita Mukheerjee, Raima Maitra and Sanchita Maitra for keeping us engaged and entertained in between the segments.

Congratulations on your achievement Dr Sankar Ghosh and thank you for joining us and explaining your work. you are a great inspiration and we are delighted to have you with us.

We wanted to acknowledge the help and support for all of you to make this program happen. We would also like to specially recognize the continued voluntary support from Soumitro Mukherjee and Animesh Chandra for their support on this program.     

In case you have missed the Premier, the program is now available to view in YouTube directly

For the Full Program please click image or access the link below

Annual Program 2021

Here are some of the additional links for your easy access to the specific program segments

             Kids Performances -  Rabi Parichoy            0:06:20 
                  Kids Performances Segments 
                               Natok  - Sahaj Path         0:20:19 
                               Natok  - Roger Chikitsa     0:29:14 
                               Dance - Ritu Rango          0:40:20                              

              Bangla Band er Itibrittyo                    1:02:06   
              Mon Kemoner Janmodin                         2:15:53 
              Felicitation of Dr Sankar Ghosh              2:05:10 

Please share this program link with your friends and family and drop us a comment. Also you can subscribe to our channel for more programs and updates. Looking forward for your continued participation. 

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